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doTerra Essential Oils Are Absolutely The Best Choice For Healthy Living

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1111111111111111I actually came across doTerrra essential oils when conducting my online research on determining the best oil product for my family. It has always been my great consideration to ensure that my family keeps fit and healthy; this could only be boosted by getting high quality essential oils of therapeutic grade. From the outlook displayed in their website, I realized that this company was offering products that meet high standards. This could really work out well for my family so I had to make an order for such essential oils.

After concluding on my research about this company, here are some of the things I came to clearly understand:


Apparently, this company has been in the market for over 7 years. Due to its popularity among the younger generation, it has been able to penetrate the market and created a wide customer base. This has also been boosted by consistent promotion and marketing of its products.

The Uniqueness of its products

When it comes to oil blends, I realized that doTerrra focused much on using essential oils of wild orange type. Furthermore I noticed that this had a product line referred to as OnGuard that dealt with cleaning activities. There are some essential oils (like Balance for DT and Valor for YL) that are similar to that of other companies (for instance, Young Living Company). I found out that this could have been attributed to the fact that some leaders from Young Living had left the company to form doTerrra.

Product types

I discovered that this company has stocked quite a number of different essential oils (about 48) with a collection of 19 different blends. These details were provided by last year 2015.

Cost of the products

From the latest pricing (by June 2015), this company had priced an S&S kit and Family Physician kit at $150. This kit actually contained essential oil(about 105ml) together with its bonus but no diffuser( apparently the kit with diffuser came at a cost of $275).

The Techniques of selling the product

Actually, I realized that this company uses the “CPTG” connotation which acted like a trademark for their products. This tends to uniquely identify them from their competitors.

Quality assurance and management

When it comes to quality, I came to understand that doTerrra only focuses on re-bottling of their essential oils as they do not manufacture or conduct distillation by themselves. That is why their products come at a lower price.


It is apparent that this company has come out effectively to offer its clients quality essential oils at a relatively low price. I can conclude that this is the best company that can offer my family the best healthy products at a cost that I can manage!