Assign an Impartial Trustee for Your Estate; Hire Wills Attorney Orange

Disposition of huge and complex estate after the owner’s demise can be costly and time consuming. Once it is placed under probate, it might take years for the heirs to receive their share. Taxes can grow several folds and if the owner had accumulated debts, the debt can balloon to staggering amounts and this can create a dent on the beneficiaries’ share. One way of ensuring that your estate is passed to your heirs after your death, you can create a trust as part of your estate plan. Whatever assets are placed in the trust will go directly to your beneficiaries without the need for court probate. This means financial security for your loved ones even if you are gone already. You can hire a wills attorney Orange to set up the trust and even to act as your trustee.

What Wills Attorney Orange Can Do For You?

If you want to have your estate passed immediately to the beneficiaries after your death, a trust lawyer will help you set up the trust. Hiring the lawyer as your trustee at the same time will be convenient for both of you. Because he prepared all the documents, he has full knowledge of its content and it would be easy for him to implement the trust. As your lawyer, he would be the best candidate for trusteeship of your estate. Since you are free to make changes to the trust, your lawyer will guide you on how this can be done legally. You can remove some beneficiaries, add more names to your trust, and add more funds whenever you like.

Your wills attorney Orange, upon your death, will pay all your creditors and taxes and apportion your estate to all beneficiaries as you specified in the trust.