Chris Johnson filming southern right whales from a zodiac


NEWS - November 15, 2006

earthOCEAN produced a 25 minute bi-lingual educational video - "Southern Right Whales of Argentina", specifically designed to raise awareness about whales in local schools.

"Southern Right Whales of Argentina" is an integral part of an education initiative developed by Instituto de Conservacion de Ballenas, Argentina (ICB), called "Bringing the whales to your school" - "Trayendo las ballenas a tu escuela".

This education program is designed to reach students throughout southern Argentina, especially those who have little, or no immediate opportunity to access this living marine resource. Although the presence of right whales along the Argentine coast is well known, there is a significant lack of information and resources available to teachers, about the conservation needs of the whales and their habitat.

This is the first education program of its kind in South America. It aims to develop in students a comprehensive appreciation of whales and the marine environment, and to involve them in the active conservation of the marine habitat in Argentina.

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