is an online channel about the marine environment.
Our aim is to explore the oceans in depth.

earthOCEAN produce documentary programs and educational content for online distribution and for broadcast. We develop partnerships with and highlight the efforts of, international and local NGOs, conservationists and scientists around the world in order to raise awareness about environmental issues to ultimately inspire change. We are always happy when our audience expands, because it means that the popularization of scientific content is successful, because we order custom term papers to make our materials relevant and interesting, and we also monitor the quality of information that we include in the programs.

Uncovering the science of whales, dolphins and porpoises around the world.

"Sanctuaries of the Sea - Are Marine Protected Areas for Cetaceans a Solution?"
We interview author Erich Hoyt about the concept of creating MPAs for cetaceans, and their far-reaching impact in conserving other species, and whole ecosystems.
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"Disappearing Dolphins"
Common dolphins were once abundant throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Today, they are declining rapidly, surviving in portions of their former range. We join Giovanni Bearzi of the Tethys Research Institute to find out why?
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"Fishy Business - The Illegal Driftnet Fishery"
Driftnets are banned because they take large quantities of unwanted catch, called bycatch, putting populations of migratory fish, sea turtles and cetaceans at risk. We investigate why it still occurs throughout the Mediterranean Sea.
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"The Sperm Whales of Greece - Life in the Trenches"
We join Alexandros Frantzis of the Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute on a scientific expedition through Greece insearch of the elusive and endangered Mediterranean Sperm Whale.
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"Mediterranean - The Sea in the Middle of the Earth"
The first of a five-part series, venture into deep seas and coastal waters with a range of international scientists. Examine the ecology of cetaceans in the region, while exploring the causes of increasing pressures on their populations and habitats.
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"Wake of the Baiji"
We interview scientist Robert Pitman. He recently returned from China, where he participated in an international expedition, searching for the critically endangered river dolphin called 'baiji'.
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"Southern Right Whales of Argentina"
Discover more about the lives of southern right whales in Argentina. Follow the research of international scientists working to understand and protect these whales, and their marine environment in this epic documentary.
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Go behind the scenes with earthocean filmmaker Chris Johnson. Behind the Camera is a series of articles on how to film, photograph, edit, and produce science, wildlife and environmental documentary films.

"Endless Editing - The Making of Whales of the Mediterranean Sea - Part 2"
Making documentary films is challenging because it's passion that fuels you during the process as there is no real commercial reward at the end. Making environmental films involves working with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, whose strong passion is a common trait.
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Follow multimedia reports documenting our encounters with the natural world.

"Amvrakikos Dolphins"
We are looking for common bottlenose dolphins, a population that scientists have studied for several years. Amvrakikos supports a resident population of about 150 animals, the highest known density in the Mediterranean Sea.
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"A Social Gathering"
The sperm whale is the world's largest toothed predator. It also has the largest brain, the largest nose, and lives its life among a strongly bonded family group. Watch a very special and rare encounter.
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"An Ancient Mariner"
Sea turtles have survived on this planet for over 150 million years. In Kythira, Greece, we encounter a loggerhead sea turtle. Against the odds, this ancient mariner of the Mediterranean has survived to maturity.
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"Southern Elephant Seals"
Southern Elephant Seals are the largest pinnipeds (seals and sea lions) on the planet. At certain times of the year, they gather together on specific beaches to give birth, nurse and mate. Most populations are showing signs of rapid decline.
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