Cetacean Investigation in the Mediterranean Sea


NEWS - October 22, 2007

You can find examples of advantages and disadvantages of qualitative research in our recent studies that reflect our general experiences.

earthOCEAN post the first episode of the five-part online documentary series - "Whales of the Mediterranean Sea" entitled "Mediterranean - The Sea in the Middle of the Earth"

Part of the earthOCEAN Cetacean Investigation series - "Whales of the Mediterranean Sea" is a five-part online documentary program about the scientists exploring the Mediterranean, and the cetaceans that inhabit this ancient sea.

Whales of the Mediterranean Sea ventures into deep seas and coastal waters with a range of international scientists. It examines the ecology of cetaceans, while exploring the causes of increasing pressures on their populations and habitats. The greatest challenge of all is raising awareness, as most people do not even know there are whales in the Mediterranean Sea.

Part 1: "Mediterranean - The Sea in the Middle of the Earth"

"The Sea in the Middle of the Earth" highlights the geological forces that created the Mediterranean, and the distinct oceanographic conditions that gave rise to its unique array of marine biodiversity.

In a region not often associated with wildlife, the Mediterranean Sea is a haven for a range of remarkable cetacean species. Four hundred million people share the precious marine resources of the Mediterranean, yet minimal opportunities exist to encounter cetaceans in the wild. Will increasing pressures cause cetaceans to disappear as we are just getting to know them?

CETACEAN INVESTIGATION is a series of documentary programs combining the collective wisdom of scientists and conservationists with a remarkable range of expertise and perspectives. It uncovers the latest science techniques being used to study whales, dolphins and porpoises, while inspiring and encouraging young people to want to learn more about the oceans. It examines the threats that individual species face, and focuses on the people who are making a difference to preserve the animals, by connecting their fate to the health of their respective habitats.

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