Genevieve Johnson speaking to students in Melbourne, Australia about whales




earthOCEAN give environmental education presentations to school groups, universities and the general public. Presentations are an interactive, multimedia experience, bringing the environment, science and conservation to teachers and students of all ages.

Presentations are tailored specifically to subject areas and age groups focusing on whales and ocean conservation issues.

Chris and Genevieve Johnson are marine wildlife and conservation filmmakers. Together, they have given talks around the world, from the Seychelles Islands to the Canary Islands, and from Norway to remote western Australia. Their complimentary skills and experiences blend perfectly to form a unique series of presentations.

Presentations cover a wide range of topics as outlined below. All are generously illustrated with spectacular photography, film shorts, sounds and animations from across the world's oceans.

Chris and Gen are happy to tailor their presentations to specific audiences, whether they are for University students, corporate functions or school groups.

Presentation - Around the World with Whales

Around the World with Whales and Dolphins

Chris and Gen take their audience onboard the whale research vessel, Odyssey, recounting their remarkable five and a half year journey of science and discovery as they sailed around the world studying and documenting whales and ocean pollution. Enjoy behind the scenes pictures and revealing accounts of the struggle of life at sea, while getting up close and personal with the sperm whale - the largest toothed predator on the planet.

Presentation - Chris Johnson, Behind the Camera

Behind the Camera

Chris takes you behind the camera as he encounters marine wildlife across the world's oceans. Experience life on the pristine coral reefs of the Maldives, take a trip to meet a family of sperm whales and their newborn calf in Greece. Chris talks candidly about filming and photographing below the surface and topside. He shares his knowledge of equipment, and how he captures imagery in extreme environments, and what it takes to produce a wildlife documentary.

Presentation - Sharkfinning

Turning the Tide

With years of experience documenting marine life, Chris and Genevieve have also witnessed first hand, the pressures exerted on the marine environment. On land, we are able to see what is happening, what occurs at see often remains out of site and out of mind. From the frontline of the lucrative shark fin trade, to the trade in reef fish for food and aquaria, from toxic pollution to noise pollution, Chris and Gen have freed turtles from discarded fishing gear hundreds of miles from land, and cleared tons of plastic from the beaches on uninhabited oceanic atolls. Learn how we can turn the tide against these growing human threats.

18 Sperm whales socializing in Sri Lanka- Chris Johnson

Wild Scenes

Chris and Gen share stunning wildlife imagery and the stories that accompany them. Whales, dolphins, sharks, seals and sea lions, birds, turtles and coral reefs make up part of an inspirational journey to discover the remarkable rich marine diversity of our ocean planet.

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