Sperm Whales Underwater - Photo - Chris Johnson




Each short documentary can be downloaded for use in the classroom along with a teacher's guide to classroom activities that may be implemented across learning areas and age groups.

Teacher's guides outline activities designed and developed around the core themes explored in each short video documentary.

Lateral thinking allows activities encompassing whales and dolphins to link into a wide range of secondary curriculum areas. An awareness of other animals, particularly the study of charismatic keynote species, is crucial for students to learn about the issues involved in conservation and how the choices we make affect the world around us. Learning about the lives of other animals changes our 'world view', fosters a sense of responsibility and encourages action. The topic of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) fits most obviously into the science learning area. However, there is ample opportunity to incorporate cetaceans into the geography, English and art frameworks.


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