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CETACEAN INVESTIGAION - Uncovering the science of whale, dolphins and porpoises.

The marine environment needs the next generation to value, and recognize the complexities involved in achieving meaningful protection of the oceans. If you're not sure about your own knowledge, you can buy poems on this specific topic at https://essays-panda.com/buy-a-poem-from-talented-writers.

Our challenge is to set the stage for a new and widespread appreciation of the marine environment by creating effective ways of conveying the conservation message of scientists directly to teachers and the public. We believe this can be achieved most effectively with cetaceans.

Cetacean Investigation is a science and education multimedia resource that aims to utilize cetaceans as a way to explore marine environments, to highlight the work of international researchers, and examine global conservation issues. All content is freely delivered via our online educational network earthOCEAN.tv

All content is based around developing principals of ocean literacy, while delivering a unified, solutionbased message. Each episode of Cetacean Investigation, and the supporting content derived from it, is tailored to specific issues documented in that region, and will cater to the needs and interests of that region. Each will establish the relevance of the science and its connection to the everyday lives of students, while highlighting the wider, global implications.

Transcripts, images and interactive maps displaying geographic information and range, as well as teacher's guides and information sheets about topics explored in each episode accompany short documentaries.

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