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earthOCEAN Encounters are multimedia reports from the field documenting environmental issues, species habitats, and conservation efforts around the globe. Our education reports are created to be freely for used by teachers and students in the classroom - so they can learn from our encounters with the natural world. If you're interested in finding more accurate information about our memo writing services, check for more details at


"Amvrakikos Dolphins"
We are looking for common bottlenose dolphins, a population that scientists have studied for several years. Amvrakikos supports a resident population of about 150 animals, the highest known density in the Mediterranean Sea.
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"A Social Gathering"
The sperm whale is the world's largest toothed predator. It also has the largest brain, the largest nose, and lives its life among a strongly bonded family group. Watch a very special and rare encounter.
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"An Ancient Mariner"
Sea turtles have survived on this planet for over 150 million years. In Kythira, Greece, we encounter a loggerhead sea turtle. Against the odds, this ancient mariner of the Mediterranean has survived to maturity.
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"Southern Elephant Seals"
Southern Elephant Seals are the largest pinnipeds (seals and sea lions) on the planet. At certain times of the year, they gather together on specific beaches to give birth, nurse and mate. Most populations are showing signs of rapid decline.
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"Whale Watching -
 A Personal Experience in Peninsula Valdés"

Seeing whales close up and in their own environment on a whale-watching trip, is an effective way to learn about whales and contribute to their conservation.
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